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The Immediate Reverb of Texas

Last night felt surreal.

Tuesday evening, we all learned about the horrific events in Texas, where 19 elementary school children were killed, along with two administrators, by an 18-year-old gunman.

Yesterday, just one day after the shooting, my kindergartener had his first ever school recital. As we gathered at the school, the parents brought their kids to the gym for a last-minute rehearsal before the students performed the songs they had practiced for weeks. Walking my son to the gym, he took off in a sprint as he saw some of his classmates ahead. Maybe I was just more aware, but as I looked around, it seemed like all the parents were holding on to hugs a little bit longer.

As parents waited on the grass playground for the students to arrive for their performance, we were all looking around at one another, sharing this moment in time. A moment where now where we subconsciously lacked as much confidence than the day before that our children were safe.

Though this is not a political blog, I share the sentiments of so many people that something must change. Our lawmakers are clearly divided on the issue of gun control, and it is unfortunate that one side of the aisle celebrates the fact that you can get guns without so much as a background check. The only way we can drive change is through policy, and the only way we will drive policy changes is through voting. I urge you to contact your state senators to leave a message demanding their support for common sense gun laws.

If the last several years of divisiveness in our country has proven anything, where I have made the decision to distance myself and spend less and less time with people who do not share similar worldly views as me, I could care less if my following or client base dwindles - the safety of my family and friends matters more than an invoice.

Enjoy the video below of my little doofus - top row, second from the left.


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