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Unpleasance Sucks

Being unpleasant to those you come in contact with can actually erode your happiness.

We take these interactions for granted, keeping our eyes at our feet or our phone and replying shortly and rudely when we are asked how our day is going. We tell ourselves there is no way we'd associate with this person if given the choice. But we weren't given a choice - this person is here with us, in this moment, and in this moment, we should respect the interaction.

We must interact with the grocery store checkout lady, whether we are busy or not. In this instance, all we can do is be present. She might not see herself hanging out with us on the weekends either, but that doesn't mean she is rude about it. Just because someone is providing a service does not give the service receiver a free pass to be a douche to another human being.

The way you handle that interaction could change that person's day for better or for worse, and may change yours too. Make eye contact and be pleasant. The alternative isn't as rewarding.


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