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Ray Allen Shooting Prep

​Since high school, Allen began every workout with one-handed form shooting, starting closely to the basket and working his way further out.

No jump shots, no dribbling, just focus. Allen created a foundation every day with a purpose. He did not waste time in the gym. Allen respected the details – details that must be present to be the best at one’s craft. Allen knew the type of player he wanted to become from a young age – his maturity in understanding the link between preparation and success is something many never embrace. Allen, now in his 40’s, still begins every workout in the gym the same way as he did nearly 30 years ago.

In every profession/role, there are parts of the job that aren't fun. It takes commitment to be grounded in process. Rarely is process exciting, and it is difficult to see immediate if-then benefit, thus many believe they can cut corners to find the heights of success they wish to reach. Leaders should look for individuals who deliver on the details and do not complain about the nuts and bolts.

​It is safe to say Ray Allen will always have a job on an NBA staff, if for nothing else than showing the younger guys that preparation is required to make a lasting impact.


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