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Judgment Day is Here

Over the weekend I was working on a project. A project in which there are contradicting theories, options, and specialists - many different ways to skin the proverbial cat.

My weekend project was no different than any project, obstacle, or decision we must make each day we are afforded.

Researching options and opinions is helpful. Often times, however, when we think through how those options affect us personally, lines become blurred.

How one option is deemed “the best” for one person or group is not necessarily the best option for the next person or group. Research should only be used as one factor in the equation – a small piece of the pie.

More importantly, we must trust and apply our judgment to our situation.

There is no such thing as relying on our judgment too much. Applying our own judgment and assessing the impact of said judgment, accompanied by a lens of accountability, is the way we learn best.

By relying on others for our decision-making, we allow ourselves to have someone to blame when something does not go our way.

Take control, listen to your gut and may the thirst be with you.

Outward judgment often fails; inward judgment never." – Theodore Parker


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