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Free Space, Less Stress

Try describing to a procrastinator what free space feels like.

Instead of planning early completion of tasks, procrastinators are most diligent about plotting out how long they will procrastinate before taking action. “The report is due at 6pm. I'll start at 4pm because the report takes two hours. If I'm in a good spot with other work, maybe I'll start at 3:30pm."

But what if something else comes up in that time more pressing that the report?

The flaw of a procrastinator is believing they have a full inventory of tasks and that the tasks are static. But when a mission-critical task arises, where's the bandwidth?

Non-procrastinators wonder, do they prefer to be under undue stress? Using "last minute" stress as a badge of honor rather than working through tasks before the pressure needs to be high.

Procrastinators say, "I do my best work under pressure." And while I think many of us do our best work under pressure, that is no excuse for converting non-pressure situations in to pressure situations.

Complete non-pressure situations while there is no pressure so there is elasticity to deal with stressful situations.

​In short, save your stress for when you need it.


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