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Content with Evolution

Finding middle ground between "I want to be better" and "I am good enough as I am" can be a battle.

Is it possible to be content in one's current standing yet also continuously strive to be better than yesterday? Is it possible to be happy in the now, yet work towards something greater?

Being content doesn't have to equate to stagnation. When content we are happy, thankful and full of life. We can be grateful with our today and at the same time continue the grind to be better, constantly honing our craft, our relationships with others and most importantly, our relationship with ourselves.

We must be content that change will occur if we allow, detaching from control.

Though progression should never stop, we must remain mindful that we are not overly critical of ourselves. Today we are exactly where we should be.

To improve upon our yesterday, we must be comfortable reflecting and moving forward.

"I will" is far more powerful than "I should have" and "I could have".

I should have and could have done exactly as I did, because exactly as I did, when coupled with reflection, resulted in the mindfulness to progress.


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