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Calming Your Mind at Night

Our sleep drives our day. Which drives our productivity. Which drives our innate comfort that the day was well spent. Which then, of course, drives our sleep. A vicious or beautiful cycle depending.

We all have a lot on our plates. Often times these thoughts keep us mentally engaged longer than we'd like in the evenings. While all might not be applicable to your situations, here are some items that can be quickly controlled to ensure a better sleep:

1. Hydrate – Best to front load your water consumption so you are not drinking a great deal right before bed, which can disrupt your system.

2. Avoid afternoon caffeine – In a perfect world, there is no caffeine. Alas, the world is not perfect. Stop afternoon caffeine, then stop by 11am, then 10am, and continue to push this time “back.”

3. See the sun – Take a 15-minute break during the day and stand outside.

3. Exercise – It goes without saying, but your sleep is greatly affected by your physical activity during that day. It only takes 15 minutes.

4. Don’t eat right before bed – Late night snacking is no good for digestive habits. Our bodies rest best when we have had time to digest before we lay down.

5. Write down your thoughts – Get those swirling ideas out of your head and on to paper. It’s near impossible to get to sleep when your mind is racing.

6. Download f.lux – My wife turned me on to f.lux several months back, a free program that adapts your computers’ display to the time of day. Must. Have.

7. Refrain from electronics before bed – Set your alarms sooner. Save the next level of the video game until tomorrow. Turn off the TV earlier.

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