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All Business is Not Good

If you polled a group of service providers, I’d venture a guess the vast majority view services they buy just as important (if not more so important) than tangible products.

If you want the cheapest shirt, you may be more at risk of the shirt not lasting long. Not any less important, if you want the cheapest dry cleaner, your shirt may be more at risk of bleach stains. Along similar lines, recently, I’ve ended several meetings with prospective clients “professionally quickly”.

The common denominator? Price.

When the first question posed by a prospect is cost/fee-driven, I know I'm not the right fit.

-- Yes, our clients have a lot of options (even more in a dynamic local hiring landscape).

-- Yes, many of our competitors will undercut fees to break in the door and to keep a decreasing market share.

But does the quality of the service matter?

Is that question even being asked?

If not, it's not a relevant prospect.

Be comfortable stepping away from the wrong business.


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