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Your Greatest Distinguisher

Danielle LaPorte sums it up nicely, “what comes naturally to you is your greatest distinguisher.”

Finding what comes naturally to us isn’t difficult, but does require reflection.

Money/career aside, what five actions come most naturally to you? When is your confidence through the roof?

Conversely, what five actions come least naturally to you? What do you dread? When are you most scared of failing? (These are not necessarily things to be avoided, but rather things that require greater awareness.)

As with anything in life, there is a healthy balance between placing ourselves in position to succeed and experiencing continuous growth. Though we must remain focused on how we distinguish ourselves from the pack, we also must push ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Choose one of five actions that come least naturally to you and choose to develop that area this week.

My personal development point this week is to give feedback when it's needed, no matter what, rather than avoid giving it due to the uncertainty of the result.


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