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You Have To Do Nothing

When talking about tomorrow, I often catch myself saying "I have to _____," and I'd like to stop.

Our days, weeks, months, and years consists of choices. Where do we choose to direct our time? These directions of our time have a profound impact on how we view our well-being.

If we spend our lives nurturing ourselves, we feel well. We feel energized. We feel whole.

On the flip-side, if we spend our lives doing what we feel we should be doing then the lens with which we see life is dulled. Our days speed by unfulfilled. We want to do less of what we feel responsible and more of what we choose to do. We feel like something has been left on the table.

But everything we do is a choice.

And once we have chosen to do something, the only option is to be in the moment. When we have chosen something that does not nourish our life, we should reflect as to why. Are we telling ourselves a story? Or is this interaction/task harmful to our well-being? If the latter, then it's simple - this action is no longer something you should choose to do.

I must prioritize my days with what supports my best life. I have to do nothing.


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