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What is Busy?

In the business world, "busy" is a right of passage.

If you are not busy than something is wrong. If you are not busy than you are not a team player, as your peers are all very, very busy. If you are not busy than you are not sharing in the misery that many in the corporate setting are feeling.

But life is not about accepting a mindset or lifestyle, an unhealthy one at that.

Life is not about feeling guilty with regards to your productivity vs. someone else's. Shouldn't it be each and every worker's goal to become more productive? Life is not about pulling down your happiness to satisfy a "should be" view.

From time to time I find myself answering the question, "how are things at work going?" with the expected reply, "good...busy." Afterward I feel as though I sold a part of my soul, conforming to the idea that we must be swamped to add value. When inside, I feel this is one of the most significant issues facing the corporate work environment.

We all have a lot on our plate. But it's about how we manage what's on your plate rather than giving in to the idea that we must be tired and overworked, focusing on mission-critical tasks rather than bogging ourselves down with the non-important.

Busy is no more than a mindset. A mindset that has an adverse effect on productivity and morale within the business community.


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