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Welcome Intuition

“Trust instinct to the end, even though you can give no reason.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Intuition is quite powerful. And while reasoning is important, as human beings we have the innate ability to understand situations without the ad nauseam dissection.

A few thoughts on judgment in the decisioning process:

1. Acknowledge your initial response – Although this may not be the right decision, give your first reaction some credit.

2. Test your instincts - Question what you think you know. Question what you don’t know. Attempt to quickly poke holes in to your logic.

3. Ignore the "rules" – Set new rules. Anticipate tomorrow’s problems and attack them rather than box yourself in to an idea.

4. Allow your idea to change – You will learn more by challenging your intuition, if you allow it. Be flexible.

5. Trust your gut – In the end, it comes down to trusting yourself. After some self-pushback, a decision must be made.

I loathe more the decisions I don't make rather than those that I did. So long as we learn from the decisions we make we can do no wrong.


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