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Valuable Self-Reflection

Looking in the mirror is difficult after a not-so-strong day – funny how easy it is to avoid reflection having known I left something on the table.

These are the times, however, where I've found reflection to be most important. Until I reflect, the day lingers as a cancerous thought in my head, allowing more chances for fear to creep in.

Once I take accountability for my efforts (or lack thereof), I am better equipped to understand where I went wrong and how to adjust prospectively. Sometimes the answer is it was simply a bad day. We’re allowed to have those every once and again.

This is not to say reflecting on a positive day isn’t advised. Often times it is not until reflection that I realize what I did build during that day, week, month, or year. Reinforcing positive outcomes only makes me hungrier for the next goal, no matter how large or small.


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