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The Rise of Self-Promotion

In another of our thought-provoking dinner conversations, my wife and I, currently in the process of building a new business, conversed about the difficulty of self-promotion.

Why is self-promotion difficult?

Simply put, self-promotion is difficult only when we are in an egotistical mindset. We think others care more than they really do - an internal struggle where we are attempting to perceive how our message will be received by others.

Wow, perceiving the perceived! But we all perceive the same message in different ways. Thus the idea of how you come across, i.e. perfectionism, should be removed from the equation.

We cannot be timid in sharing what knowledge we have learned. Especially not out of fear that others will judge us based on the content we share or the amount of content we share. Swallow your ego and put yourself out there! After all, you wouldn't have created a business or a message if you didn't think you had something that others could utilize.

Self-promotion is simply a vehicle to get your message to others who may be interested, which, in the end, is still being of service.


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