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The Responsibility Obligation

As I move closer towards my vision it becomes more clear - I must take care of myself to be my best.

Taking care of myself equates to weekends of healing - time in the sun, laying down to an old pro wrestling pay-per-view, meditative hour-long beard trimming sessions, love and laughter.

I now avoid weeknight evening gatherings too - sure, there's value in what I choose not to do, but what is the opportunity cost to my next day if I don't get this evening restorative time? The cost is grave.

During these periods of restoration, it is my natural reaction to feel like I should be doing more, or the responsibility obligation. The responsibilities I wish to add to my life is a balancing act. I will continue to challenge everything I do and question whether it supports or detracts from my ultimate vision.

I made things for myself to do for much of my life. I took on responsibilities because I thought I should. I took on responsibilities because I did not value myself enough to take the time I needed or wanted.

If I do not create space, I am not as effective in my day. If I am not as effective in my day, my vision is stifled. If my vision is stifled, I question the shoes I stand in today, rather than question what I control.

I am in control of what I add to my life.

Take care of yourself this weekend. I will be. And my next week will be more powerful because of it.


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