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The Power of Manifesting

Each of us has the power and determination to place an impactful stamp on the universe. But it doesn't just happen unless we will our visions in to fruition. A few ways to begin manifesting your visions:

1. Quiet your mind - Before visualizing what you want, you must give yourself alone time. Simply be.

2. Free space - Assess and amend your current routines. Move towards "batching" your tasks. As an example, you don't need to check Facebook more than once per day.

3. Visualize - After removing the time-sucks from your day, envision what moves you. Project the possibilities from within. Don't limit your trajectory.

4. Write down what you want - Self-accountability at it's finest. Document your goals.

5. Develop short-term milestones - You cannot get to the finale without tackling tasks one by one. What's step one of the building process?

6. Track progress - Reflection is important. Avoid pessimism if you haven't reached a milestone. Learn from it.

7. Adjust as needed - Unimaginable roads present themselves as we dive in to new chapters of life. Be amendable to adjusting as you progress.

We create our own destiny. Take the first step.

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