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The Expectation Gap of "Relax"

Often times we feel as though we must take an evening, weekend, or even week-long vacation to get "relax". We may leave these times not feeling as relaxed as we would have liked.

The conundrum, when we feel as though we "should" relax, we spend our time thinking we should be relaxed rather than simply being.

Say you've got a Saturday to yourself. You think through several of your favorite things to do, several hobbies that typically serve as relaxers from your every-day life. You must watch an episode of your favorite show. You must read from your new book. You must dive in deeper to a new album. So forth and so on.

Because you don't get much relax time, you feel pressured in to doing a number of these favorite things to do instead of breathing and naturally enjoying what your intuition tells you to enjoy on that given day.

Someone telling you to relax, hell, even you telling yourself to relax will not work. You have to want it from within. We have to lose this pressure of relaxation to truly relax.

We cannot, will not, and should not hope to escape our realities through tasks, even if said tasks have relaxed us in the past. We must be comfortable with empty space.


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