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The End-Goal Illusion

...then something changed. A switch flipped.

I stopped focusing on whether my goal was the appropriate goal. I wasn't going to beat myself up if my goals changed. I wasn't going to beat myself up if I..gulp..failed.

I told myself, "Each goal does not have to materialize in to the end goal." Then I realized that there will never be an end goal. I will always work toward something greater; I will always seek to progress.

I opened the door for creativity and thought, in turn creating clear and lofty visions.

No longer was I going to feel like I wasted my time putting emotional energy to an idea that, for a myriad of reasons, did not materialize. It became clear that I choose not to will ideas in to fruition with both my spirit and my action.

While questioning each and every component that exits in a day's vision, I focus on what I can do today to step in the direction that feels best to my heart.

Seeing my vision clarify has instilled a deep conviction for living today as if it is a strong possibility I do not have tomorrow, especially if I do not give thanks through appreciation, hard work and love.

We'll see.


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