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Teammate Text Affirmation

I got the below text from one of my teammates.

As leaders, we often question how best to reach desired outcomes of collaboration, productivity, and retention. We read best practices, ask other leaders what they are doing, and do the best we can to promote and incent the right behaviors.

I wish I could say there was something in the water that has kept people with us once they join our team. I don't think there is, other than mutual trust gained through transparency, empathy, and flexibility.

"Everyone just gets their work done. If that means being available for 5pm Friday calls, working through the night if that works for your flow, or starting early, then taking two hours out midday to exercise or handle errands…then that’s what works. I do think people need to continuously hear “work life balance” and know that they have control to make sure they’re not at risk of burnout. I love how everyone is trusted to manage their own hours without set hours/policies."


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