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Normalize Career Breaks

I’ve worked with so many amazing talents that took a break.

Whether a one-year break or a ten-year break, valuable people don’t forget how to be of valuable. In fact, they may be hungrier to perform with renewed interest.

Many of the best hiring teams understand that sometimes breaks are a part of life. If someone doesn’t respect a career break for whatever reason, it probably isn’t an ideal reporting relationship for the break-taker anyway.

And career breaks should be viewed as normal for more than just a parent taking time off to be a parent – a break for mental health should be perfectly acceptable. If you’re thinking of taking a break, there’s a reason why. Don’t be coached out of taking space if you need it.

The very best relationship-focused recruiters have to be advocates for the people we represent – understanding one’s “why” and (just as importantly) communicating it effectively to a hiring team. Find a recruiting group that you know can clearly communicate your “why.”

For more, check out this post from SHRM.


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