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Sundown Scribbling

In the continued quest of improved sleep patterns, we removed the television from our room. Now, instead of perking my sensors before I close my eyes, I am left without noise and bright lights. In this moment of silence, I am forced to find peace within before I blow the candles out.

Most nights my mind has something to say before I can find that peace. So I scribble.

I really can’t call this journaling. Perhaps "unloading" is more fitting. I don't pressure myself in to writing with a purpose. Writing neat is thrown out the window. I happily leave incomplete, disconnected thoughts on the page. Even minutes in, I still know not what I'm scribbling - simply removing unconnected thoughts from my mind with no regard for meaning.

Letting my mind flow from thought to thought before I close my eyes feels good. Really good. A clearing of the mind. A reflection of today. An intention for tomorrow.

What calms your mind before bed?


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