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See, I Can't Lie to Me

Honest self-reflection is difficult. It's not easy to admit that we could have done something better. But it's nearly impossible to rely on our intuition sharpening over time if we do not take the time to provide ourselves with constructive feedback.

How can we trust our judgment if we have not sharpened our judgment through honest self-reflection?

We often assume that others will provide the constructive feedback we need to improve, but we know ourselves better than anyone. We can make reason of our actions far better than an onlooker, and for that we are undoubtedly the best feedback givers for ourselves.

There's not a worse feeling than peering through our own eyes in the mirror, knowing we have left something on the table. But it takes that depth of self-evaluation to get to where we want to be.

Often times we avoid this self-evaluation because we know we did not put forth our best. Rather than shy away and bury our feelings of guilt, embrace it - as Jay-Z alludes, we cannot lie to ourselves. After recognizing we could have done better, guilt is removed and we can be present.

"Accelerating what drives me, hope I don't gotta die to see, see, I can't lie to me" - Jay-Z


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