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A Necessary PTO Recharge

Last week, I had the best week of PTO in my career...ever.

I’d be lying if I said I did no work, but tallying an ~hour total for the week was by far the least amount of work I’ve done on PTO. My mindset going into the week of wanting to set the right example for others about what PTO should look like certainly helped, but it wasn't made possible just because of my mindset.

Though the lead-up for taking time off has always created a great deal of anxiety for me, I went into my week off with a calming sense of where our team is as a collective, knowing everything was in great hands to divide and conquer anything that popped up during the week.

As I reflected about said anxiety, at points in the past I’m sure I created some of that anxiety on myself – perhaps it was my ego, “it had to be me” serving a client in that moment, which is not a fair feeling to have had towards my teammates. Building trust that nothing will drop takes time and I'm incredibly thankful for the team we field to support our clients daily.

Though I rarely spend time thinking about what our competitors do (impedes innovation and creates the sense that at all business is good business), my confidence level in "us" being better than "them" is at an all-time high - I think they call that swagger, and the our team at Vaco is feeling it!


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