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Priority is Meant to be Singular

What’s your priority in 2023?

My priority is my family.

Priority is a singular word, yet society has driven us to misconstrue the word time and again. It’s as if we are told we need multiple things we are striving for because we couldn’t possibly focus on one thing.

I am thankful that my career growth has afforded me the trust of those I work closely with to know that though I make choices to prioritize family, that doesn’t mean I’m not bringing focus and urgency into my work.

I very much still have the desire to be the best at what I do, and I recognize it doesn’t come without sacrifice. It’s all connected. If I deliver away from my family, I will be rewarded, and my time with my family will be more comfortable.

Here’s to 2023 being a year where you find your priority if you haven’t yet.


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