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North Carolina's Remote Work Force

There are still a lot of people nervous to over-commit, and it is probably keeping more people home than you’d imagine.

People do not want to feel like they are making a promise to be there tomorrow at the same time, or keep the same schedule next week, or the next month. “DON’T LOCK ME IN TO THIS!”

Many of us haven’t forgotten the “butt in seat” mentality, and don’t wish to go back to a time of “8-6 + 10…20..30?” But still, the importance of collaboration and access to opinions in group settings – even more so for emerging talent, though y’all might not want to hear that – is critical.

The best we can do as leaders is to have a space with as few functional restrictions as possible. Can I get my sh*t done?

The best we can do as leaders is to allow for connection, conversation, and engagement. What’s the energy like?

The best we can do as leaders is give the space, so our people don’t feel like they have to over-commit. Do we need an absolute?

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