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Meditation Monday

I am currently in the midst of Oprah and Deepak Chopra's 21-Day Meditation Challenge. I first began meditation this past Spring when this dynamic duo offered their first 21-Day Challenge. Beginning my day with a 15-minute session helped me move forward under a new lens.

In Day 5's session, Deepak brings forth the centering thought: I am a perfect, divine creation.

He shares the following, "With increased awareness of our true self, we become conscious of how we talk to ourselves, choosing words that are enlivening, uplifting, and loving. And should we falter, we forgive ourselves quickly and fully. Who you are is so much more than the image you have formed of yourself based on feedback from the outside world. Give yourself permission to detach from those opinions and perceptions. Open to your divinity, your creativity, your potential, and live from your highest self."

Ego can be a development-crusher. While perception is important, the energy spent on assessing how others perceive us is largely wasted.

I struggle with self-forgiveness. When I make a mistake, it is my natural reaction to dwell, dwell, dwell until I realize how inconsequential the mistake is in the grand scheme. Today's meditation provided a reminder that yes, I will make mistakes, but those mistakes do not represent who I am.


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