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Jack of All; Master of None

April 15th has come and gone. A day we all know. A day we all fear. But this April 15th was a most beautiful one - it marked the first year where I did not do my own taxes. Me, a CPA. Go figure.

One of the most significant hindrances to being highly productive is the attempt to be the jack of all trades. It sounds cool - a modern day Da Vinci, but there is not enough time in the day to be dominant in our careers, love our lives, and personally handle every responsibility in between.

I constantly challenge everything in my life as to whether or not I allow it to stay or kick it to the curb. I often realize many of the tasks that fill my day are counterproductive. Outsourcing what does not add value to my life has proved, well, valuable - often these "in between" tasks.

  • Could I do my own taxes? Yes.

  • Does it add value to my life? No.

  • Can someone competent do my taxes for a reasonable fee, when considering the time it would take me? Resoundingly, yes (establishing a value on your hour is a topic for later.)

We should only do what interests us. What does not interest us will naturally prove to be counterproductive - we could be nourishing ourselves rather than tiring ourselves.

Let's spend our time wisely. Yes, you may have to pay someone (taxes, a relevant example to my life), but think of how much more free your mind is to live your life, spend time with those you love and generate income doing what YOU do best.

The rest is extraneous and needs to go.


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