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Gen-Z vs. Millennials

Ready for a curve-ball?

Several times a week, I hear from an experienced member of the workforce that younger generations are less committed, less loyal, and don't care about their work as much as older generations. Based on the recent survey completed by Zapier, these prevailing notions may not be entirely accurate:

-- Millennial employees plan to stay at their current job for a total of 10 years, on average, compared to Gen Z employees who plan to stay for a total of 6 years, on average.

-- Gen-Z (49%) and Millenial employees (62%) are now hiring managers - and they aren't hiring unless your tech skills are up to snuff. Further, over 80% of these younger managers encourage solving problems through technology.

-- Nearly 7 of 10 Gen Z and Millenial employees are constantly checking work communication tools outside of work (admittedly, me included, until the 8pm Airplane Mode), with nearly 3 of 4 of these individuals experiencing periods of burnout.

-- Even surprising to me, the majority of Gen Z (65%) and Millennial employees (73%) feel their job is a key component of their personal identity.


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