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First Day Ghosting

New hires not showing up on a first day is a disturbing (and increasing) trend, as this The Wall Street Journal article notes.

I get it's a tight market and competition is at its peak. If you're good at your job, you should have suitors. If you don't have suitors, the next point applies.

I also get that some professionals may not believe that their professional upside can drastically change by turning as many conversations with other professionals into referrals. ("We all are in sales," said most sales speakers, and it's true.)

I also get that people need to do what they think is best for them. You should! But when did that mean not being conscientious of others? Has the #pandemic changed so much that we forget or ignore the courtesy to cancel commitments?

If I'm applying broad-swooping life lessons to profession (which I always do, because how could you not?), this just isn't good karma. How would you feel if/when you're hiring and the same happens to you? (Is "ah, I understand, I did it a few years back" going to be our norm in 10 years?)

Burned bridges are no good. And you're burning them by ghosting - to the company you were set to join, to the recruiters who were supporting your search, and you're even a poor reflection of the references you share with a prospective employer.

Can we please stop the madness?


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