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Feedback Check

"It's difficult to give you feedback because you don't receive it well."

I've felt this before, and I'm sure this isn't foreign to most who have managed people. There is no "one size fits all" in the way people reciprocate feedback received. Some have more questions, some push back and explain the why, some don't say a thing.

Since we all give and receive feedback differently, the giver may sometimes feel like the desired outcome was not met.

"I wonder if I broke through."

"Was it even worth it that I gave the feedback?

"_____ didn't want to hear that."

"_____ won't change."

But perhaps the feedback was received exactly the way it needed to be received. We cannot NOT give feedback out of fear for how it will be received. We cannot NOT give feedback to teammates, even if we presume no changes will be made. The moment we give up on trying to make our teammates better is the moment the development of the teammate treads water.


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