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Fear Through a Mogul's Lens

In 1996, Jay-Z released his first studio album and hip-hop classic, Reasonable Doubt. The album featured a track, Can I Live? where Jay-Z pens, “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.”

Jay-Z has since shared the meaning behind many of his classic lyrics in his book Decoded. With respect to the line above, Jay-Z writes:

“This is why we shouldn't be afraid - there are two possibilities: one is that there’s more to life than the physical life, that our souls will find an even higher place to dwell when this life is over. If that’s true, there’s no reason to fear failure or death. The other possibility is that this life is all there is. And if that’s true, then we have to really live it – we have to take it for everything it has…either way, fear is a waste of time.”

He's not the king for nothing.


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