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Don't Compromise Yourself

People are inherently good. We must assume so with each interaction.

Each interaction with another is an opportunity, a chance we may not share with that person again. How do we want to leave that conversation if we assume it is our last?

The interaction may or may not be nourishing to us. In these instances it is even more imperative to be ourselves and show our counterpart that he or she can be completely comfortable being themselves, as we are completely comfortable with ourselves. This, a necessary first step in peeling back another's insecurities.

Conversely, if we do succumb to compromising ourselves in our relationships, we are doing damage to both ourselves and our counterpart in conversation. Each time you compromise yourself to make others feel more comfortable or worse, to conform to others' standards, a little piece of you dies.

Compromise yourself never. You are you. You are not otherwise. Otherwise you would not be you.


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