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Could Life Be Better?

This past weekend, I sat with a delectable buttered coffee in my hand, a smile on my face, and the Hitman Bret Hart defending the WWF Championship against Shawn Michaels. I pressed pause and took a moment to reflect.

Could life be better?

I let my mind float to where it wanted to go. Where was I?

My mind wandered to two years ago, not long ago. With over a quarter century of life lived, I had yet to breathe. Sure, my body intuitively sucked in air, but during my day, I never stopped for a conscious breath. I spent most of my nights working late in front of a computer, only to go "home" to a claustrophobic hotel room that smelled of cheap detergent. When I did come home, I remained unsettled - I knew I was unpacking to repack, and soon I would be back on the road. As you could imagine, the result was a wound up, over-stressed individual who was yearning to escape rather than celebrate the day that was.

My vision today is more clear than ever before, due to a constant focus towards growth in all aspects of my life (to be clear, I cannot focus on all aspects of my life at the same time). I must remain present, yet I must also remain willing to push myself outside of my comfort zone. There is no area in my life I am unwilling to question.

The answer to the question I posed to myself was apparent - of course life can be better. Bench-marking where I am today against where I was only makes me hungrier for where I am heading. Like Pavlov's dog, I've been conditioned to trust that improving myself will lead to a far steeper trajectory of my life's arrow.

Questioning my direction clarifies my destination.


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