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Compensation & Diversity

Can we all agree to stop asking job applicants about prior and current pay? In response to our country's racial unrest, many organizations have committed to fighting discrimination through conversations surrounding inclusion, diversity, and equity. However, words are empty without action. Reducing pay disparities for black employees (and women employees, for that matter) is not unattainable, but it takes hiring managers being comfortable making job offers based on merit, not what a candidate currently makes. In the last three years, 14 states have banned asking job applicants about what they've made and are making, and more will follow. The research shows us that, within these states, Black (+13%) and female (+8%) candidates who took new jobs were brought in line with compensation of white males. As a minority or diversity candidate, know that you do not need to share this information with a potential employer. If they keep pushing, it's probably not the right organization. As an organization hiring candidates, let go of this idea that you must base your current offer on what a candidate is currently making.


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