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Comfort Between Destinations

A new workday begins as I leave the house. I drive to a coffee. After, I drive to the office. Hours later I drive to lunch. Then I may drive to a meeting. Finally I drive back to the office.

These, my daily spaces between Point A and Point B.

Allowing for awareness, I recognized that I have not been nourishing myself in these spaces. I speed. Not my car but rather my mind. I think ahead to Point B. I question whether I will make it to Point B. I question whether I will be good enough if I am lucky to reach Point B.

When I started meditating, I presumed meditation was only so if my eyes were closed and I was surrounded by silence. Now, I strive to enter a meditative state with my eyes wide open, creating silence not through what I hear, but rather through the thoughts (or lack thereof) in my mind.

Instead of hoping to get to Point B 2% faster than I otherwise would, instead of going through scenarios, instead of thinking of the next space to fill, I enjoy this space. I rest. I take in my surroundings. I allow thoughts to enter & leave my mind. I reflect. I avoid the rush. I disconnect.

True, I have next destinations. I always will. Journeying need not mean that I have to wait to be comfortable until Point B. I must now be. I must not wait. I'm afforded this space for a reason.


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