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Combating a Case of the Mondays

Growing up, I despised Mondays. Mondays marked a new week of school. A new week of school marked a number of less-than-desirable actions, including the alarm clock, return of a test grade I did not want, evening homework, inability to hang out with friends, you name it.

Something changed along the way. I now relish Mondays, creating a revamped mindset. We can control how we visualize a new week by setting ourselves up for success. A few things helpful in doing so:

1. Prioritize the week ahead - I take a look at my week's schedule and determine what uber-important tasks I need to accomplish. I remove myself from the idea of busy and focus on what tasks should be peaking my attention rather than the extraneous fodder.

2. Set an intention - Much like prioritizing, I ask myself where I want to improve as a person. Setting an intention comes naturally if we've spent time reflecting upon the previous week. Choose one intention, one area of your life where you feel there is work to be done, and attack it.

3. Avoid work - In general, I've found it beneficial to remove my computer almost entirely from the equation. If you've got to take care of business for an hour or two in the morning, still give yourself that finite ending point. We need the mental recharge to bring the hunger back.

4. Self-love - Going in to a Monday, I should have taken care of all my mental and physical needs. From trimming the beard to exercising to meditating, I nourish myself. We also need to make time to nourish ourselves during the week, but it's much easier with larger blocks of time.


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