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Change Ahead

Considering ahead, in a bubble, is not so bad. Having an idea of our bigger picture is healthy. But inevitably the opportunities we thought would be presented vary from those actually presented.

When considering ahead, we must keep at the top of mind that the course will always change, and give in to that change rather than avoid it.

Often times, we may forgo opportunities because they don't align with our "five steps ahead" plan, which can become an enormous detractor to our on-the-fly creativity.

Planning and then ensuring we stay on that very path is a sign that we don't trust our intuition.

We must instead be clear with our current decisions, all the while ensuring that we are building, brick by brick, to our ever-evolving bigger picture. In doing so, we are trusting our intuitive decision making, comfortable that we will consider what needs to be considered when the time comes.

What we plan ahead will change, and for that it is imperative we remain present.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain

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