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Careful With Your Displeasure

You know the feeling. Someone does something you believe you would not do if you were in their shoes. As an example, your colleague brings out a report run in an incorrect way. You have three choices:

  1. Send your colleague back to re-run the report. In three words, "Please fix this."

  2. Roll with the punches and take the report as it is. In three words, "This will do."

  3. Act inconvenienced, thereby voicing your issue on your annoyed face rather than in words.

Acting inconvenienced is this weird middle ground where the displeased is uncomfortable rectifying the issue with words. Instead, the displeased hopes the other party feels our displeasure and insinuates what we want them to know - "YOU MESSED UP!"

But people know when they mess up, and they don't need someone to act inconvenienced in order to clarify the fact they messed up. Not everyone is able to show their accountability in words, but that doesn't mean they don't feel the mistake they made.

We are so caught up in making sure the person feels our displeasure that we ignore the result of our inconvenienced stance on that person's well-being. In reality, we are taking away that person's happiness, as we believe they should be upset with themselves - they need to feel they are wrong!

Never should we hang a mistake over another.

Never should we purposefully take away the happiness of another.

Allowing this negative energy to seep in to our lives will only hurt our own well-being.


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