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Career Fulfillment

There are 168 hours in a week. We spend 50 of these 168 hours asleep. For most of us, 40 of our remaining 118 hours are spent working (and if we're being honest, how many of us work "just" 40 hours per week?). That is, at a minimum, 34% of our awake time, and in many cases, the realistic percentage is closer to 50% of our awake time. Pretty crazy, right?

Unfortunately, many people are unhappy with their current work environments. Even worse, many people presume that this unhappiness is normal; we are taught that work is work, work should not be fun. We would rather wallow in our unhappiness rather than take control.

With everything in life, we have a choice. When we are not happy with what we are doing, we have the choice to make a change. Sure, the change may or may not be exactly what we are looking for, but it beats the stagnation of assuming that our careers will be unfulfilling.

We are able to accomplish exponentially more when we place ourselves in environments where we, as individuals, are motivated to succeed. When we are hungry to go to work the next day is when we are able to develop as individuals, pushing ourselves out of comfort zones on a daily basis. What makes me hungry, what makes him hungry, what makes her hungry, are all different, it's about finding what moves you as an individual - when do you feel most whole with your day?

For a myriad of reasons, a career transition is not always in the works. In this moment, we still must make a choice. A choice to focus on the positives in our current setting. What opportunities does this work environment allow for that you would not otherwise be afforded? In what ways have you grown since coming in to this role? What are the various avenues in your career that your current role may allow for, and which of these potential paths supports your best life?

We must stop settling for the status quo. We must find what lights a fire inside of us. We must find what we can be passionate about. Only then are we able to move closer to true happiness.


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