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Now that we've all had a much-needed recharge, it's imperative we begin the new year on the right foot.

In my quest for life-work balance, enter an ongoing question I pose with myself - How can I be better in my day? How can I get an edge?

How can I improve the way we tackle my everyday tasks in such a way that I am more productive in my days than what's considered normal?

1. Sleep - It's a right of passage to sleep less (hand-in-hand with the busy right of passage). But how are we to fire on all cylinders if we get just 6 hours? I'm of the belief that, if I sleep more, my business hours will be much more effective than the next person.

2. Prioritize your day - Spend the last 10 minutes of each work day plotting tomorrow's day. What needs to be done tomorrow for me to get to the next step? I am not suggesting to build an enormous to-do list that will hang over your evening, rather know the 3-4 tasks that must be done.

3. Be consistent - Though we will be thrust in to the unknown during our days, we can better handle the unknowns if we are consistent with what we do know will arise during our day. Handling the known in a consistent manner removes the thought-process for these tasks, freeing our mind to use our problem-solving for the unknowns.

4. Batch - A significant downfall I see in business is the idea that you must respond to all emails as they are received. The result? You never allot the necessary time to those 3-4 priorities for the day. Find the two times per day that works best for you to respond. Batching can be done across a number of our day-to-day tasks and allows more space for those priorities.

5. Block off time - Our priorities must be completed. In you work alongside others, there's a good chance they will want your time during the day. Be clear that you need this time, rather than a sketch-ball. Provide a solution to your peers' needs by scheduling a time to circle up afterward.

6. Delegate - All tasks are not best handled by all individuals. Mentally calculate a hypothetical opportunity cost - does this make sense for ME to handle? In many times, your value is needed elsewhere. Take a look at your tasks and find out where you can outsource.


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