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Are You Having Too Much Fun?

Laughter. Love. Peace. We need all three to nourish our lives.

Yet at times it can feel natural to accept the notion that should be harder.

"It can't be that life is THIS enjoyable."

If we are not frantic, overworked, stressed, annoyed, on edge, tired, et al then we aren't working hard enough. Something dark pokes us when we are having fun. It makes us feel almost dirty for having fun. It tells us we do not deserve to be happy. It persuades us to action rather than rest.

Ashamed for allowing free space in our day to enjoy our surroundings, we reach in to our brains for the next item on our to-do list. Once again, we spend our moment doing rather than being.

It is our choice and our choice alone as to whether we enjoy life or fall victim to this internal struggle. No matter how easy it is to settle in to this mindset, we cannot fill our empty space to avoid happiness. Being miserable is not a rights of passage anyone should accept as the norm.

Now go forth and have too much fun.


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