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Adapting as a Quotient

What keeps people from levels of moderate success to levels of super success? It’s rarely the technical ability.

For talent I am hiring internally or placing with our clients, I value most EQ, or the Emotional Intelligence Quotient, the measure of a person's interpersonal and communication skills.

Insert a newer idea of AQ, or the Adaptability Quotient, a skill necessary in constantly evolving work environments. AQ doesn't, however, eliminate the necessity for EQ. Quite the opposite - AQ builds upon EQ.

​To have a strong AQ, one must be able to collaborate and solve problems with others, and thus by default someone with good AQ would also be high on the EQ spectrum.

At inflection points, it's those who can adjust to new teammates, roles, responsibilities, and/or structures that continue to have opportunities in future chapters of an organization.

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