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A Planner Devaluing Planning

Planning can be stressful. Planning takes you out of the here and now.

When we "lose control" of our plans, we no longer feel comfortable with our trajectory - what will it look like in a year? 3? 5? 20?

What we expect to happen often does not.

If what we expect to happen does happen, perhaps we have foregone bigger and better opportunities to remain "in line" with our plans.

More important than planning is here-and-now development. Where the development leads may be unknown. This unknown should not be scary. After all, we are becoming stronger than we were previously - no downside to betterment.

Though we need not plan our every move, we must be comfortable that the work we are putting in will better prepare us to handle the unknown. Preparation requires an intention - an intention that can and should be adjusted as the world unfolds around us.


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