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A Case for First-Thing Emails

Having read countless articles and books on productivity over the years, I felt like an outlier.

"Don't action emails in the morning."

We have been conditioned to think we should keep our inbox closed in the mornings and at times during the day. Well, that doesn't work for me, so I never listened. I'm able to think much more clearly about strategy/big picture when my inbox is empty. Always my clearest in the morning, I've long used the early hours to action critical emails.

I know it won't get done during the business day if I don't do it early, as my day is jam-packed with conversations and very little time to focus on emails. If I hold difficult emails until after my boy's go down for bed, my mental clarity is goo, and thus the end product suffers mightily.

It was refreshing to read the article linked below and feel a sliver of justification in bucking the norm. If anything, it has empowered me to read "best practices" with a grain of salt and ensure I ultimately do what 1) gets the most work done, 2) at the best work product, 3) with the least amount of anxiety surrounding my day's workload.


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