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6 Ways to Improve Clarity

If I don't feel my best, there is no one to blame but myself. It is my choice to take control of my health.

Here are the tactics I implore on a daily basis to ensure I'm at my peak performance (we're all wired differently, so self-awareness in finding what is your best mix):

1. Set intention – Take a step back from huge to-do lists, which can direct your necessary brain capacity to completing the easy administrative junk. Go in to the day knowing what mission-critical tasks need to be completed.

2. Exercise – Everyone has time for a quick 15-minute sweat. Put together a circuit of push ups, squats, lunges, sprints, jump roping and voila, a no-nonsense, time-effective endorphin high.

3. Eat right – Remove processed foods. If need be, take small steps in removing other foods you know to be unhealthy. This is a process, not an overnight transformation. Don't beat yourself up or you won't stick with it.

4. Meditate – Like exercise, contrary to popular demand, meditation does not require a heavy time investment. Sit or lie quietly for 10 minutes and just breathe. It’s alright if your mind wanders.

5. Be with the sun – Breaking up the day with an outdoor session is imperative, even more so for those of us holed up inside during the day. Give the most powerful energy source an opportunity to nurture you.

6. End of day reflection – After a long day that might otherwise have felt like an energy-draining, never-ending affair, a valuable “coming down” from the day can work wonders. What went well? What did not? Were the intentions for the day met?


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