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6 Reasons to Stop Multi-Tasking

We're in a society of doing. But too much doing can be of enormous detriment to our productivity and enjoyment of life.

Constant task toggling programs our brain to want more information than it can handle. A few reasons to avoid the habit:

1. Lower enjoyment of experiences – It’s impossible to fully enjoy and appreciate our experiences when we muddy them with other tasks at the same time.

2. Loss of focus – Not only does it take longer to complete tasks, but by multi-tasking we predispose ourselves to a greater likelihood of errors.

3. Loss of comprehension – The brain is overwhelmed and cannot differentiate the important from irrelevant information. What sticks will stick, but what sticks isn’t always what you want to stick.

4. Difficult to tune out distractions – Multi-tasking makes it difficult to tune out mental blocks. The brain is juggling two or more concepts at once, and when an outside concept is introduced, it is nearly impossible to differentiate. Mental blocks slow us down.

5. Difficult to set goals – Focus is of the utmost importance when setting intention and setting goals, and further carrying out those goals.

6. Difficult to make decisions – When the brain is overloaded, the last thing we want to do is make difficult decisions. And without making a decision, we’re stuck in the same rut.

Give your brain a break. You will become more effective and happier for it.


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