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What is Fear?

Fear [feer] noun - a distressing emotion (1) / aroused by impending danger (2) / whether the threat is real or imagined (3).

(1) A distressing emotion – Emotions are natural. But emotions are fleeting if we make them so. We get to make the choice whether we let that emotion remain with us or accept the uncertainty and move past. Anxiety is debilitating. If we let it be.

(2) Aroused by impending danger – Impending danger comes from the unknown. We are wired to feel calm and safe with known commodities. When pushed outside of our comfort zones, we naturally feel threatened – in reality, we are not certain how we will react to this new situation, and that can be scary. If we let it be.

(3)Whether the threat is real or imagined – Ah, the kicker. Fear isn’t always real. Often times we create the danger and thus become stressed when we are faced with an undetermined conclusion. But what’s really the worst that can happen in the grand scheme of things?

Learning new skill sets and pushing myself out of my comfort zone is not easy. I constantly remind myself though that fear is simply a natural reaction when diving in to something new. And rather than simply suppress the feeling, I try my hardest to embrace the challenge at hand, knowing I will be stronger for it in the end.


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