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Dear Procrastinator

Dear Procrastinator,

You get things done at the very last minute, without much time to spare.

You are often frantic and may lack the interest in changing, as I highly doubt you lack the ability to project manage a workload and to-do lists.

You put more pressure on your teammates because they have less lead time to complete the follow-up task.

Your peers resent you but you don't see it, as you instead defend your work style, claiming you do your best work under a tight timeline, which is really an excuse.

Do you like to put undue stress on yourself and others? It sure feels that way.

Here are a few things to implement in your game:

  1. Use your email as your to-do list. If you don't have a to-do on an email, file it to a folder, and ensure you have an automated planner that reminds you when you need to action the open item.

  2. Prioritize your to-do's based on importance, and do not always wait on the difficult tasks. The difficult tasks will not magically go away when you close your eyes. Tackle difficult tasks when you are fresh.

  3. Set timeline goals for yourself before the actual due date. If something is due a certain date and time, don't assume you have more time, instead get it done and get it off your plate to allow for what other tasks will come up.

  4. Focus on customer service. Your co-workers are your customers. Make their lives easier. Giving something to your client at the last minute is not ideal. Provide status updates.

  5. Know where you spend your time. If I asked you how many hours per week you worked this week, and where the time was spent, would you know? If not, you should have an idea. What was value-add and what was wasted time?

  6. Ask for help. The worst thing you can do is drown in work without having raised your hand. This is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of role confidence and awareness to say, "I need help!"

  7. Just say no. When you are busy, wait on having that sidebar conversation with a colleague and instead put time on the calendar when you have caught up.

  8. Have a plan. The night before, each Friday before you leave, the last day of the month before turning the calendar. What are your focuses for the next day, week, month? You should never not know.

  9. Find a process that works for you, just make sure it works. There are so many tools for time management, and so many ways to keep yourself in check. What do others in your business find as helpful? Try them out and find your fit.

  10. Forgive yourself. You aren't perfect, nor are any of us. You've been a procrastinator, yes, but that does not mean you must be one forever.

​Life is more enjoyable on this side, just let me know how I can help.


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