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A Tasty Low-Information Diet

There’s so much information out there. The internet has made this so, captain obviously. Everyone has an opinion (pot, meet kettle). And most opinions can be supported by "facts."

Information is valuable, yes, but also dangerous depending on how we ab(use) it. Trusting our intuition can be difficult enough. In this information tsunami, we look for thoughts to support or dispel a belief yet often times walk away with another reference point that leads to confusion rather than conclusion. Unfortunately, this pushes us further away from listening to our gut.

More is not always better, or, as we often like to believe, safer. There are dangerous opportunity costs of considering all information that could be considered - most measurably a loss of time and loss of sanity, both of which steer us from trusting our intuition, instead following the herd.

We cannot test our intuition unless we trust our intuition. We cannot trust our intuition unless we test our intuition. This week I will strive to leverage my intuition. Join me.


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